18 Aug 2013

What Are The Differences Between Runners And Joggers?

Running can be one of the best things you do for your own health. Running is a good cardiovascular exercise and helps to tone muscles. Consistent running is great for your health and mind and is a fantastic way to take a little bit of weight off if needed and get better fit for life. You don‰Ûªt have to be an expert runner to have good health. There is a lot of misconception that there will be long term effects and damages from running such as knee and ankle injuries, directv packages, but usually just a good pair of tennis shoes and a logical approach to jogging or running proves to be more beneficial. Running helps the hearts blood circulation and also improves the respiratory system. It helps the body burn fat and lower weight and battle stubborn belly fat. Burning calories is much faster when you jog or run on a daily basis. Running has also been known to improve the appetite. Your body will crave fuel because it is working much harder than before. Running and jogging both have been known to improve a person‰Ûªs bond density. Some people worry that running will make you have big muscles, but that is not the case. It increases the strength in your legs which is healthier for your body. A sensible running program is a great way to begin your first step to improving life.

26 May 2013

The Best Methods To Avoid Dehydration While Running

Dehydration is one of the many risks that comes along with running in the heat. Fortunately, dehydration is something that can be prevented by drinking fluids before, during and after your run. You should drink between eight and 16 ounces of water one or two hours before you decide to go for a run. If you forget to drink water an hour or two before you run, then you should drink four to eight ounces of fluid 15 to 30 minutes before you go for a run.

You should sip at least an ounce of water every five to 10 minutes while Continue reading »

27 Mar 2013

Retraining Your Family Fitness Routine With Fun Runs

Creating a fitness routine that invites the entire family to enjoy time together is not always easy. It can seem particularly hard when trying to incorporate running into the routine. Although it seems hard, the reality is that running with a family is an enjoyable activity that improves health and encourages children to continue exercising in the future.

A simple fitness routine that includes fun runs for the whole family is a racing. The family can work on increasing distances over time and set up the run as a competition. Incorporating Continue reading »

26 Jul 2012

Running with Weights, Is It Right For You?

Running with weights has been a topic up for debate for some time. There seems to be varied opinions among runners, strength training athletes, and the average active person who works out on a regular basis. All seem to agree however, that there is a friendly balance that can be met, and that is partially based on the individual.

There is no question that running with weights puts added stress on the body. Although this stress is acceptable in moderation, it’s important to use the method Continue reading »

11 Jul 2012

When Is Running For Fitness The Best Choice?

Running for fitness is the best choice when you are reasonable fit and your body can handle an intense cardiovascular workout. One of the many reasons more and more people are getting foot and leg injuries due to running is that the are pushed to run when not in the shape to. As heavier people are advised to run, it is common sense that their ligaments and joints, not used to this type of pounding, will not react well. Instead of being beneficial to them, running causes them to be sidelined from exercising.The whole story can be Continue reading »

29 Jun 2012

The Top Ten Cities That Are Most Runner-Friendly

Running is one of the best and easiest ways to stay in shape and it’s also used to support causes and raise awareness. However, not all cities are runner friendly. The top ten cities that are the most runner friendly are:

1. Boulder, Colorado
2. Eugene, Oregon
3. San Francisco, California
4. New York, New York
5. Portland, Oregon
6. Austin, Texas
7. Chicago, Illinois
8. Boston, Massachusetts
9. San Diego, California
10. Washington, DC

All of these cities offer a variety of resources easily available to runners. Continue reading »

14 Jun 2012

Using Layers To Dress For Your Run

When the weather is less than great you might need to consider wearing layers when you run. Cold air and/or the threat of rain can make dressing for a run a little more challenging than it typically is. However, wearing the appropriate clothing for the weather can make the difference between a good, productive run and one that makes you miserable.

When inclement weather strikes it is imperative that you wear a top that is made of a synthetic wicking material. This type of material keeps sweat and rain off of your body, preventing Continue reading »

31 May 2012

Running With Your Canine Companion

Running is a wonderful form of exercise as everyone knows. Sometimes the monotony of running the same path or trail can become boring. Running with your canine companion can help to make running enjoyable and even bring back that child-like vigor.

Before embarking on a journey with your dog you should follow a few helpful guidelines. First consider the physical fitness of your dog. If you are regularly running five miles a day with ease but your dog rarely runs a half mile in the yard, then begin slowly and Continue reading »

28 May 2012

To Run Or Not To Run: Weather-Related Tips

A true runner can run in all types of weather, no matter how hot or cold it may be. The trick is having the correct gear so you stay safe.

Cold Weather Running

When it comes to proper clothing for cold weather running there are many important pieces. Obviously you want to stay warm, a track suit or anything with wool will help. Also a pair of thick socks, and possibly a shoe that is a bit larger to accommodate the socks. Extreme cold is to be avoided so always pay Continue reading »

26 May 2012

Most Effective Running For Fitness In Mountain Regions

Competitive endurance athletes have understood the advantages of mountain training for many years. Fresh air, altitude and uphill resistance have all proven effective for increase strength and endurance. Any runner could improve general fitness by incorporating mountain regions into the exercise program.

Any good program begins by establishing a base. The first four weeks in the running program should focus on running at a relaxed pace to increase overall strength and endurance. Three to five miles each day in the first week would be a good example. Then each week Continue reading »